New Tardy Policy

New Tardy Policy

Independence High School

Tardy Policy as of January 2016 

1. Students who are late to first hour will be given a pass to class. Their tardy will count toward the 13 day absence policy – when they hit a combination of 13 days absent/tardy their first hour will be dropped from their schedule.

At 5 days a letter is sent to parents.

At 8 days a letter is signed by the student and then sent to parents.

At 10 days the Dean will call the parent.

At 13 days a letter will be sent to parents and the student’s class will be dropped.

2. Students who are late to 2nd through 7th hour will be “swept” into the attendance office. They will be issued a lunch detention and will remain in the office for the entire hour. Their cell phones will be turned in and secured until the end of the class period. They will have to complete an alternative assignment and will not be allowed to speak to anyone. If they are unable to comply they will be issued a day of in-school suspension and parents will be notified.

*If a teacher calls the office to request the student (i.e., for a test) then the student will be given a pass to class. 

*Any homework due to the teacher from the class the student missed must be turned in to the attendance office and will be placed in teacher’s mailbox.