Independence Students Show Apprecation for Adults on Campus

'Because of You We Feel Stronger Than Ever'
Student-Led Assembly

Early Friday morning, February 19, 2016, one week to the day of a campus tragedy, Independence High School staff and teachers were asked to gather at the football stadium for a student-led assembly. They were greeted by students presenting treats. And, once entering the stadium, a group of students representing the student body held signs and shouted “IHS" to the school’s fight song played by other student musicians and cheers from their audience. The following heart-warming speech was read by Michelle Garcia-Cano:

“This past week our strength has been tested as well as our unity. As we stand here together on this beautiful morning, we are proving to each other that we can make it through anything as long as we stand together. But we could not do this alone. Not without the help from the administration and the staff. Each and every one of you has impacted our lives one way or another. Without your constant support, we as a student body would have fallen apart. The tragedy that took place here last Friday was one that we will never forget. These young ladies are loved and missed by everyone here. They were not only our friends, or our classmates, or faces you saw as you walked down the hallway, but they were our family and they will always remain in our hearts. Independence has been left with many wounds that have not yet healed, but with the help from the adults on campus, we have been able to grieve in a safe environment, that we all feared to return to. It is because of you that we are feeling stronger than ever. We managed to pull ourselves together, and stand side by side as one. We would like to thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do on a daily basis. We understand that this is not what you signed up for when you took the position, but we appreciate all of you for sticking through, and being here for us. Coming to school where the staff will drop whatever they’re doing to help is amazing. Independence is a family that has a bond that cannot be broken. And as we continue to grieve together, we continue to build together. I want to tell each and every person standing out here today, that I love and appreciate all of you. You are not alone through any of this. We will make it through together. Have a wonderful, and safe Friday Patriots.”

A heartfelt thanks to our students. We love you too!

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