Honors for Art Students

January Artist of the Month


Gabrielle Paduano

 Art work from Ms. Paduano's portfolio
Gabrielle Paduano has been selected as the highlighted artist of the month due to her artistic ingenuity.  She is an artist who not only has incredible talent, but who is always in search of ways to challenge herself to reach full potential.  Ms. Paduano never boasts of her ability, instead, she seeks constructive criticism and develops her work to its finest level. Gabrielle Paduano is an artist who consistently creates high quality work. As a sophomore she participated in the Ed Pastor Congressional Student Art Show. In December of this school year she was the only student selected to represent Independence at the College and Career Readiness presentation to the district board members. Congratulations to Gabrielle Paduano – YOU ROCK!!

 Navarrete Villada 
Karina Navarrette
Oscar Villada

Congratulations to Karina Navarrete and Oscar Villada. These two students were selected to represent Independence High School at the annual New Horizons Student Exhibition at the Shemer Art Center and Museum. Karina Navarrete was honored with an award for her digital photograph. Congratulations to you both. The Visual Arts Department is very proud of you.