Michael Walton


Performing Arts Department

Class Schedule - Mr. Walton
phone: (623)435-6120

Zero Hour - Advanced Band (1st semester) / Jazz Band (2nd semester)
First Hour - Advanced Band
Second Hour - Orchestra
Third Hour - Intermediate Band (Percussion)
Fourth Hour - Beginning Guitar
Sixth Hour - Prep

Teacher Class Schedule  

Advanced Band
This is a year long performance ensemble consisting of two seasons.  

Marching Band Season – July through mid November

Every member of the Advanced Band at Independence High School is involved with the Patriot Pride Marching Band.  The focus during this season is to form a strong group environment and combine the fundamentals of music and marching to produce a musically sound and visually exciting field show.  During the marching season, students will meet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday before school.  Morning rehearsals begin at 7am continuing through 1st period.  Night rehearsals will be held on Tuesday nights from 5-8pm.  The Patriot Pride Marching Band will also have a summer camp held before the school year begins to get a head start on the field show and the overall expectations of being a member of this group.  Towards the end of the marching season, the band will compete in several marching invitationals throughout the state of Arizona.  These typically take place on Saturdays and are often all day events.  The Patriot Pride Marching Band performs at all IHS football games. This group will also play for various school functions like pep rallies and activity nights.  The IHS Drumline performs throughout the year at pep rallies, assemblies, sporting events and showcases.  Drumline members will audition for spots in the concert band.

Concert Season – mid November through May

This group rehearses during 1st hour.  The focus is now placed solely on raising the level of musical achievement as a group and as individuals.  The Concert Band hosts the GUHSD Concert Festival in early March along with performances at Instrumental Music Concerts, school and community events, and collaborative events with other bands.  Other performance venues will arise during the school year.  There are also oppportunities for individuals to audition for District, Regional, and State Festivals. 

Jazz Band - (meets M T Th F 7am - 7:55am & T 2:40pm - 3:35pm during 2nd semester)
The Patriot Jazz Band explores the world of jazz through a variety of styles and composers.  Students are encouraged to identify their own musical voice through improvisation.  This group has participated in college music festivals, area and state high school festivals, performs at school events such as the Future Freshman Night, IHS annual Art Show, Instrumental Music Concerts, and host an outdoor Jazz, Pie, and Coffee Night with other Jazz Bands from GUHSD.  

Orchestra -
The String Orchestra rehearses during 2nd hour.  The String Orchestra offers students the opportunity to study musical concepts while also performing in an ensemble that will challenge itself both technically and musically.  All levels of string players are encouraged to look at this group as a way to gain more experience on their instrument and raise their musical IQ.  The String Orchestra puts on a Christmas Concert before winter break, hosts the GUHSD Concert Festival in early March, and also a Spring Concert at the end of the school year.  In addition to these group performances, there will be opportunities for District, Regional, and State Orchestra auditions. 

Beginning Guitar -
This class offers students of all levels a chance to learn the basics of music theory, sound production, and ensemble playing, and basic guitar performance technique.  Students will perform at concerts at the end of each semester.