Amye Godfrey


Amye Godfrey


       I received my Choral Education/General Music degree from Arizona State University. I have been teaching choir and piano at I.H.S. since 1996.  I am the Vocal Music Club sponsor, and am the musical director of our spring musical productions. I taught private piano lessons for 20 years previously. I direct my church choir, and am assistant organist there. 

Office Hours (623-435-6159)
7:30-8:00 a.m.
2:35-4:30 p.m. except during spring musical rehearsals

Teacher Class Schedule  

Concert Choir

  • Freshman through junior men
  • Sophomore through senior women
  • 3 and 4 part singing/many styles
  • Performs at concerts each quarter and at GUHSD Festival
  • Emphasis on creating independent sight-readers

Vocal Ensemble

  • Junior and senior men and women
  • Placed by audition
  • Demanding literature/many styles
  • A cappella singing/many solo opportunities
  • Sight-singing & theory integrated into daily rehearsals
  • Performs at quarter concerts, GUHSD Festival, school & community events
  • Attends NAU Jazz/Madrigal Festival
  • Has received Superior & Excellent ratings last 13 years
  • Participates in Solo Festival & Regional Choir auditions


  • Students can take choir for credit every year
  • We hire a choreographer for our pops concert in May
  • We attend the musical theater production at the Herberger Theater each January
  • Two of our former choir students are choral directors in the GUHSD


  • Independence Piano Class
  • There are 3 classes of piano, each serving freshmen through seniors
  • No previous piano experience is required
  • Piano class can be taken each year for credit
  • Students perform in a piano recital at the end of each semester
  • Advanced students may prepare a classical piece for Solo Festival
  • Each student performs in class 3 times per quarter


  • Arizona State Music Educator's Association-Student Composer Award (2001)
  • Superior and Excellent ratings at Solo Festival each year
  • Performances at GUHSD Faculty Arts Show (2006)
  • Performances at Independence Student Art Show each year
  • Former students have accompanied the I.H.S. spring musical for many years