Bart Bondeson

Mr. Bondeson


Welcome to English 1-2

Relevant Information

I have been teaching English at Independence since 1994.  I am currently teaching only freshmen; however, I have experience teaching sophomores and juniors. As a freshmen teacher, I am responsible for teaching grammar, literature, literary elements, and single paragraph as well as five paragraph essays.  I use a variety of creative teaching strategies to reach my students: cooperative learning, positive reinforcement,  individual whiteboards, and original mnemonic devices.

Time to Contact
The best time to reach me is before school (7:30-7:55) or after school (2:35-3:00). I can also be reached during my prep hour-- 2nd Hour (9:00-9:55).  

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (7:15-8:00 & 2:35-3:30

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