Drumline Battle IHS VS. GHS

Independence High School VS. Glendale High School
Posted on 2018/01/26
IHS Drumline
The drumlines from Independence and Glendale will be facing off in a Drum Battle on Channel 12 news!  The event is Monday, January 29 on the 4PM newscast.  The drumlines will square off once during the 4-4:30 block, and once during the 4:30-5PM block.  Individual soloists will dazzle you intermittently during the rest of the broadcast.  The winner will be decided by the VIEWERS (you).  The public will vote online via MEGAPHONE http://www.12news.com/article/entertainment/megaphone-vote-for-facebook/499747159 .  The winning drumline will have an encore performance at the end of the broadcast.
PLEASE TUNE IN AND VOTE FOR IHS!  Vote early and often!)