Limo Ride to Chase Field

Patriot Pride Program Makes Year End Awards
Thanks so much for all those that made this year's Stretch and Golden Rule Awards a success! Thanks to P3 for funding the fabulous limo ride and lunch at Chase Field, the teachers that took the time to nominate a student, and those that encouraged students to write kind letters of thanks to their teachers.

What a great way to end the year!

Chase FieldStretch Limo Ride to Chase FieldBaseball Field from TGI FridaysStudents at Chase Field

Chase Field

Stretch Limo Ride to Chase Field

Baseball Field from TGI Fridays

Students at Chase Field

P3 Patriot Pride Program honored Lynnette Cramer as the Golden Rule Award winner. The Golden Rule Award winner is selected from teachers nominated by their students.  The Stretch Award students selected were Brenda Perez Barraza, Adrian Duran, and Javieer Anaya.  The Stretch Award winners are selected from students nominated by their teachers.

Brenda Perez Barraza, Stretch Award   Adrian Duran, Stretch Award  Javier Anaya. Stretch Award
Brenda Perez Barraza
Stretch Award 
 Adrian Duran
Stretch Award
Javier Anaya
 Stretch Award 
  Lynnette Cramer, Golden Rule Award
   Lynnette Cramer
Golden Rule Award

Stretch Award

Golden Rule Award 
   P3 star