Students of the Month December 2013

December 2013 Student of the Month

Congratulations to the students selected as December 2013 Students of the Month. Independence is proud of all our hardworking students. Emily Franco, Rotary Student of the Month, is congratulated by Mr. Gaspar, the Language Arts Department Chair.

FrancoJuan Pineda, SR Academic ScholarValerie Maravilla, JR Academic ScholarAndres Madrid Luna, SOPH Academic ScholarAbgail Siclovan, FROSH Academic ScholarPatriot Student of the MonthAaron Ray, Patriot Student of the MonthGabriel Cota, SR,  IBC A+Victoria Wyatt, SR, IBC A+JUNIOR, IBC A+Dakota Parker, SOPH, IBC A+SOPHOMORE, IBC A+Alyssa Mada, FROSH, IBC A+Bryan Rivera, FROSH, IBC A+

Emily Franco, Rotary Student of the Month

Juan Pineda, SR Academic Scholar

Valerie Maravilla, JR Academic Scholar

Andres Madrid Luna, SOPH Academic Scholar

Abgail Siclovan, FROSH Academic Scholar

Patriot Student of the Month

Aaron Ray, Patriot Student of the Month

Gabriel Cota, SR, IBC A+

Victoria Wyatt, SR, IBC A+


Dakota Parker, SOPH, IBC A+


Alyssa Mada, FROSH, IBC A+

Bryan Rivera, FROSH, IBC A+

Students of the Month are selected to recognize the academic excellence and citizenship of our Patriots. The following criteria are considered:

  • Shows special effort and/or talent in academic achievements
  • Demonstrates self discipline, positive team/group concept, contributions in extra curricular activities
  • Respects and abides by school rules/policies
  • Models good citizenship through a positive attitude
  • Handles success and defeat with maturity

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