SAT and ACT are national tests used by colleges and universities to evaluate students for acceptance into their schools.  Many schools will accept scores from either test while others may require you to take a certain exam.

Contact your IHS counselor for the registration packet, including dates and deadlines.

Use the chart below to help you choose on which exam you think you would receive the higher score.
ACT (               SAT (
 No order of difficulty  Proceeds in an order of difficulty
 Heavy in grammar a& reading  Heavy in vocabulary 
 Tested on algebra, Geometry & Trig                    Tested on Algebra & Geometry
 Math = 25% of score  Math = 50% of score
 Based on school curriculum  Not based on curriculum
 Not as tricky/less distractions  Tends to be tricky
 No guessing penalty  Guessing penalty
 Science reasoning section  No science
 English grammar tested  No English grammar
 No writing piece  Writing piece
 Scoring 0-36  Scoring 200-2400

Independence code:  030-146

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