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I teach Algebra 2, Personal Finance and College Algebra and have been at Independence since 2006. I am also on the IHS School Council, which assists in funding various teacher-designed learning projects. I am also the Head Golf Coach for our Division One IHS Patriot Golf Team.
I hold BA’s from the University of Washington and Western Washington University and a Master’s Degree (MBA) from WWU with concentrations in economics, mathematics and operations management.
My wife and I moved a number of years ago to Arizona from the Seattle, Washington area. We have two college-age daughters, the oldest having recently graduated from Arizona State University. We enjoy swimming, bicycling and traveling. One of my more memorable recent trips was to Quito, Ecuador to visit relatives and my daughter who was serving in an internship there.
I look forward to working with all of our students at IHS and encourage them to become actively involved in school activities and the learning process.
 Course Descriptions: 

Algebra 2 is a course in 2nd year Algebra which follows Geometry 1-2, integrating Trigonometry, Functions, Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis.  It will include mathematical modeling of real-life applications with Algebra. College Algebra extends and adds to the Algebra knowledge base. Personal Finance teaches a wide variety of topics ranging from how to buy a car or house to investing in the stock market.

Materials Needed:

  1. 3-Ringed Binder or Folder to contain notes and handouts
  2. Pencil, Highlighter
  3. Notebook Paper
  4. Scientific Calculator (There is a classroom set for you to use at school, if you  

    have an ID.  No ID, No Calculator.)

Classroom Rules:

  1. Respect yourself, all others and their property.
  2. Come to class each day prepared.  Bring your ID, homework, calculator, pencil and standard size notebook paper.
  3. Be in your seat when the bell rings and never pack up early to leave class. 
  4. Cell phones, I Pods, CD players and other electronic devices must not be seen or heard anywhere at school during the school day or they will be taken away.
  5. Passes will not be issued except for emergencies.
  6. Do not “hang out” in the hallway before or after class. Get to class. The entire Math Department will enforce this policy in the Math hallway.
  7. Proper TI83 Calculator and Student Response System clicker use is the responsibility of the student – students responsible for damages will be held accountable.

Tardy Policy:

If you are late to class, you will be “swept,” and must report to the assigned area.  The assignment due for class that day is to be turned in to the “sweep” proctor at the beginning of the class, or it will be considered late.  You may get your missing work when you return to class.  If you are swept the day of a test, you forfeit the opportunity to take Test A.  Therefore, you will only have two chances to retest.

Make-Up Policy:

The responsibility for obtaining and completing makeup work lies TOTALLY with the student.  It must be completed within 5 days of the absence. See me before or after class to find out what you missed during an absence and I will help you any way I can.

Extra Help:

I am usually available each morning at 7:00am. Afternoons will vary, so please make sure you let me know when you are coming in. Do not wait until you are completely lost before getting help! Please note that retesting can only be done in the Math Lab or with me personally.

Assignment Expectations:

You will be assigned homework on a regular basis.  Students who do not do homework consistently have a very hard time managing these classes!  A calculator will be helpful when completing some of the homework. 

I expect each student to do the following:

  1. Use standard size paper – pencil only please!
  2. Label each assignment with your full name and page number or assignment number in top right corner of paper.
  3. Do neat and organized work and show all of your work.
  4. Highlight/Circle your answers.
  5. Excessive missing assignments (3 or more) may result in a phone call home. All assignments for any unit must be completed before being allowed to retest.
  6. Come in for help/ask questions if you are having difficulty.

Test Taking Procedures

After the first test is given, students have the opportunity to retest two additional times to raise their score.  A corrective on the competency that you are retesting on must also be turned in before retesting.  Occasionally, you will have enough time in class to retest.  However, retesting is typically done in the class before or after school.  You will be given approximately one week to have the retesting completed.


Your grade will be determined by an accumulation of points that you receive on tests, quizzes and homework as follows:                 The weighted grading scale is:


A       90% - 100%                                               

B        80% - 89%                               Homework       10%                     

C        70% - 79%                               Tests               70%                    

D       60% - 69%                               Final                20%                     

F        0 – 59%

Parents or students may request a grade sheet from me at any time, but I will post grades by ID every week.  You may also check your grades online on Infinite Campus. Citizenship grades are based on behavior, tardiness, and completion of assignments.  A “U” will be given to any student who receives three tardies in a nine-week grading period and/or has any discipline referrals by me.

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