Bradley Bates


Bradley Bates


I am a native of the Midwest where I grew up in Minnesota and attended college in Iowa.  I graduated from college in 1986 with a Bachelor's Degree in English and secondary education.  After graduation, I moved to the Southwest where I lived and taught in New Mexico for 3 years.  I then relocated to Arizona where I have been a resident and teacher since 1989.  Throughout my years of teaching, I have taught a multitude of subjects, including college English, English (in grades 7-12), Title I, AP English, journalism, yearbook, and ELL.  Within the context of my career, I have served the Glendale Union High School District 1993.  Currently, I teach English.  I am highly qualified in the areas that I teach. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in English/secondary education, a full ELL endorsement, and a Master's Degree in Administration.  My contact number is 623-435-6100,  I am normally available second period (9:00-10:00).  

  Teacher Class Schedule  


Rules and Procedures

Remain on task at all times

  • Generally after I hand out an assignment, I will give the class time to work on it. I do such so that if students have any questions, I am available to help them. Since I am giving you class time to work on your assignment, I expect you to use such time to focus on the activity.

Everybody should be in his/her seat and prepared to work when the final bell rings

  • When the final bell rings, students must be sitting in their seats with their materials. Remember “sitting in their seat with their materials” are the keywords.

Silence while others are talking

  • Such is a matter of politeness. At this stage in life, one should know that it is considered to be in bad taste to talk while others are talking. You are expected to be polite to your classmates, classroom visitors, and teachers.

Preparedness everyday for success

For one to succeed, one must come to class and be prepared to do so.

Expect excellence

  • There is a saying “One gets as much out of something as he or she put into it.” Such is very true in almost every aspect of life. It is especially true in school. If one puts his or her very best into all of his or her assignments, one will more than likely be pleased with the results. One should not settle for anything less than the best.

Complete all assignments/activities in order to triumph

  • Completing all the assigned work is always a benefit. Completing and returning all of one’s work on time and correctly is almost a guarantee that one will pass English/Reading.

Take responsibility for your actions

  • We all have choices to make in our lives. Sometimes we make magnificent choices and reap rewards for such those choices. Other times, we make lousy choices. Then we are required to face the consequences. Either way, it is important that one takes the responsibility for his or her actions, faces the consequences (whatever they may be), and gets on with life. The best thing one can do is to learn from the choices that one makes.

  The usage of computers (either in the computer lab or the department’s laptops) is not for “surfing” the web, listening to music, or chatting with friends.  If you are tardy, you are responsible for making up the assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. on your own time.

 There is a check system in my class—the first warning is one’s name on the board—the second warning is a check next to the name—the third warning, and last check, constitutes a timeout referral, a 1 hour detention, and a step on a classroom violation form.

Daily assignments, spelling quizzes, and vocabulary quizzes are worth one grade.  Paragraph writing assignments are worth three grades.  Major, multi-paragraph essays are worth five grades.  Semester final exams are 10% of one’s grade (which could be 10 to 15 grades).

All written compositions will be completed on the computer (not handwritten).

I will keep a running list of all detentions (and reasons) for viewing by your parents and assistant principal.

 Writing on desks is considered vandalism—if one is caught doing so, he or she will clean all of the desks in the room.

 My desk and Mr. Sauceda’s desks are off limits—under no circumstance will anyone take things from or go into our desks.  There will be consequence for those who do so.

 Be prepared for class—we are not a school supply store.  Borrowing pens, pencils, paper, etc. will come at a cost—if you must ask the teacher for such supplies, such will cost 15 minutes of detention per borrowed item.

 No food or drink is allowed in the classroom—candy and gum will be allowed until it becomes a problem in which candy and gum privileges will be taken away from the entire class. 

 No headphones or walkmans—if cell phones and pagers go off, they will be confiscated.

 If one is caught cheating, it is an automatic zero—if one is caught copying and/or being aided in copying, the assignments of both participating parties’ will be confiscated and a grade of zero will be sanctioned.

 Passes are only warranted with i.d.’s—if one’s i.d. gets washed, he or she will need to replace it.  Students are given three, FREE restroom passes per quarter.  When those three, FREE passes have been used up, further restroom passes will warrant a teacher assigned detention. 

 Late assignments must have “LATE” written on them.

 If one is sent to timeout, he or she will not have the opportunity to hand in or to makeup any assignments.  Students who are sent to timeout will also earn a step on a classroom violations form.

 Missed tests and quizzes must be made up on one’s own time (not class time).

 One will be given one day per absence to makeup an assignment.

 Makeup work is due prior to progress reports being sent home (4th or 5th)—after progress reports go home, there will be no makeup work accepted.

 Makeup work is student’s responsibility—work will be put in the makeup box—IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON IT, LEAVE IT ALONE.

 My detention policy is as follows—students have 2 ½ days to serve their teacher assigned detentions (normally in the morning before school or at lunch)—if you get the detention on Monday, you can serve it on that Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday (in the morning or at lunch)—yet, such detention must be served on that that final day; otherwise, a detention violation referral will be sent to the discipline office.

 Any pass violations will result in a pass violations referral and the forfeiture of all pass privileges for the remainder of the semester.

 ELL 3-4 students will use dictionaries and thesauri

 Not participating in class is not an option—for example, if you are asked to read, etc., you will read; otherwise, you will be sent to timeout and required to spend a detention with me to read. Everyone is expected to participate at least once during every class period.

 You must be in your seat when the bell rings; otherwise, your name will be put on the board.

 Blurting out answers is unacceptable—raise your hand—don’t just blurt out answers.

 There is one assignment box and one makeup box in my room (do not put completed assignments on my desk).

 Leave my white board and white board markers alone.

 No one is to be behind our desks, sitting in our chairs, messing with our computer, etc.