Counselors' Newsletter

March 2013

IHS Counselor Newsletter              

Seniors:  This is a very important time. Are you planning to walk in the Graduation Ceremony May29th?  Make sure you have met all the requirements: passed all classes required for the diploma of choice and have passed all AIMS test for Math, Reading and Writing. Communicate with your teacher about your current grades. Senior Parents/Guardians, please speak with your student’s teachers if you have questions about passing grades in class and if they are on track.

Summer School: For students that may be behind with credits, Summer School information will be available in April. There is a fee of $150.00 per class. Listen for the announcements and sign up in a timely manner.  Class size is limited.

Freshman Parents: Parents who have come in and met with the counselors to sign ECAP’s, thank you very much.  If you have not yet met with your student’s counselor to discuss and sign the ECAP (Educational Career Action Plan), call and make an appointment today.

Career in Energy: Estrella Mountain Community College is offering a new program in Energy.  This career pathway leads students through the steps necessary for entry into skilled energy related positions and ultimately advanced careers. Call (623)935-8446 or visit