Stretch Award

Each year, a student is selected by the staff for the Stretch Award for stretching to excel and showing improvement as Independence citizens.  The student and their guest travel by a stretch limo to lunch at Front Row Friday's at Chase Field.  This is always a wonderful celebration to recognize their success.

  • The 2014 Stretch Award winners were Brenda Perez Barraza, Andrian Duran, and Javier Anaya

Brenda Perez Barraza, Stretch Award 
Brenda Perez Barraza
 Adrian Duran, Stretch Award
 Adrian Duran
 Javier Anaya. Stretch Award
Javier Anaya
  • The 2013 Stretch Award winners were Jacklyn Rothschild and Mia Dolores
Jacklyn Rothschild
Mia Delores
  • The 2012  Stretch Award winners were Nina Song
        and Sa'Bree Jasper

  • The 2011 Stretch Award winner was Dat Huynh