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A Message from the Principal

Independence High School is a place where we bring together a diverse population of students, faculty, staff and families.  At Independence we rely upon teamwork and partnerships to foster success.  We work collaboratively to bring our community the best for our students while teaching the values of respect, pride and achievement.  We set very high standards for every person on this campus, we provide the tools necessary to meet those standards and press ourselves to continue excelling in everything we set out to do. 

Each one of us has made a commitment to being an active life-long learner.  We realize that education does not end, but takes on different forms throughout the years.  We are constantly seeking new learning, in whatever form it presents itself to us and as a result, we grow each day. 

We offer our students the opportunity to become the best people they can be.  High standards for academic achievement, high standards for behavior and high standards for personal growth, provide our students with a sturdy foundation from which to build a limitless future.  Every Independence High School graduate will be more than just ready for the challenges they will face when they leave our doors, they will be equipped to meet those challenges head-on and confidently. 

I ask you to join me in making this the best educational experience for all of us.  Let's have a great year together!

Rob Ambrose